Don’t Slide Into Trouble This Summer

Chances are if you have a swimming pool you are aware of many of the safety precautions such as having a fence; displaying signs prohibiting diving (in shallow pools or shallow parts of the pool) and other well-known hazards.  But did you know that there is a federal regulation concerning the safety of pool slides? The regulation  (16 C.F.R. § 1207(a)) was enacted in 1978 and was designed to “reduce or eliminate the unreasonable risks of deaths or injury associated with swimming pool slides”.

Buying a Slide for Your Pool This Summer _

The regulation requires that all pool slides be capable of supporting three hundred fifty pounds and that they be tested for head-first sliding.    There are numerous types and models of swimming pool slides on the market and available on-line and at retail stores.  Not all models comply with the federal regulations even though they may have warnings about weight requirements and caution against head-first sliding.  Since using a slide that does not comply with federal law can lead to personal liability if an injury occurs, your best bet to stay out of trouble with your pool slide is to check the testing background before you buy. – Paul N. Barbadoro.

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